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Humans have spent the last 200,000 years becoming evolutionary machines, fueled by adaptation and genetically driven for success.  Let us help you hone your prowess for preservation, and evolve your skills for survival.

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HeatherTamdiegoAnomanderis PurrakeAmazon Customer
Perfect read for the current situation (COVID-19). This book offers a light-hearted take on surviving the world's end. Perfect for the non-medical lay-person, this book gives guidance on key medications to forage for and their potential uses. Grab this book while you still can!
United States
I really enjoyed reading this book. As an outdoorsy family, the topic intrigued me and I came away entertained by the author's serious humor while discussing medication and survival tools. Highly recommend!
United States
Clever and informative, a pleasant read. Also quite witty which makes the read go quickly. I think the information presented is solid.
Anomanderis Purrake
United States
This was a great book that gives good advise on medicines you may not think about during a disaster. Now is the time to get ready before a disaster hits. I would recommend this book to anyone weather a preppier or newbie this is a book to have
Amazon Customer
United States


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