How To Build A Survival Medication Stockpile


So you know which survival medications you need. But now you need to know how to build your stockpile. What comes next?

As a survivalist, it's important to know how to build a survival medication stockpile

There are plenty of methods for acquiring these much-needed survival supplies, while still staying on the right side of the law. Here are a few tips on how to stockpile your survival medication in a safe and legal manner:

  • Compile what is already in your cabinet: Remember that prescription the dentist gave you? How about those pills you were prescribed when you had a stomach bug? It never hurts to hold onto extra meds you may have been prescribed from previous illnesses or injuries.
  • Free Samples: Getting in good with your doctor doesn’t hurt either, and next time they offer free samples, take them up on it.
  • Request increased quantities of your existing prescriptions: Ask for larger quantities, along with additional refills, of the current medication you’re taking. Many healthcare plans allow for a 90-day supply (typically via mail), which can buy you some time when disaster strikes. Depending on the drugs you take and the availability of a generic form, extra quantities can also be purchased without insurance and are typically discounted for cash-paying customers.

Won’t They Expire?

Prescription medication bottle expirations can be deceiving

Most medications have a decent shelf-life that will support a few extra months in the medicine cabinet. This holds true for OTC medications as well, although they are more easily replenished upon expiration. The advantage of purchasing non-prescription drugs is the ability to choose what you buy. Get into the habit of picking through the shelves to find the latest expiration dates (hint: the newest stock will usually be in the back, as this is the golden rule of stocking). And don’t hesitate to ask the pharmacist about larger quantities of OTC meds, which are typically available in bulk behind the counter. Buying in bulk can be economical for large groups, but be cautious of expiration dates (see below).

The Big No-No’s

Stealing from Grandma's medicine cabinet is not an acceptable way of prepping!

Certain means of acquiring drugs should be avoided altogether, though. Not only are they illegal (as described above), they’re immoral and ill-advised under normal (non-apocalyptic) circumstances, and definitely not how we advise you to stockpile survival medication. First off, snooping through your grandparents’ medicine cabinet is not recommended. Stealing grandma’s nitroglycerin won’t get you anything but a lump of coal in your stocking come Christmas time. The same goes for purchasing drugs on the street, which may also land you behind bars. Your local neighborhood drug dealer (depending on where you live) could potentially hook you up, but they deal exclusively in illicit drugs such as heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine, none of which have any use in a survival situation. (If you do stumble upon a drug dealer selling cholesterol and blood pressure medication, you’re probably in a nice neighborhood and should consider relocating there.)

The Internet Can Help

Then there’s the internet, with enough information to propel any do-it-yourselfer into self-sufficiency. Websites dedicated to survivalism, not to mention numerous YouTube videos, go into great lengths discussing various facets of preparedness, including acquiring and stockpiling medications. From cutting tablets to utilizing online pharmacies, survival enthusiasts have shown remarkable ingenuity and creativity in obtaining drugs, and are often willing to teach you how to stockpile survival medication, too. The fish antibiotic industry is a great example of e-commerce commonly exploited by survivalists. Fish are treated with the same antibiotics as humans (and at similar doses), making these drugs available for purchase without a prescription and creating a loophole in FDA legislation for individual use. Although these antibiotics are dissolved in the tank and absorbed by the fish through their skin, they still come in tablet form, ready for human consumption.

As with anything regarding the internet, though, use caution when making purchases online and deal only with reputable vendors. If the Nigerian prince offering mail-order bargains on hard-to-find drugs sounds too good to be true, he probably is. And again, purchasing medications illegally is not advised. When the situation deteriorates, so do the rules; until then it’s best to stay out of jail and be prudent when procuring medically useful drugs.



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Your free Emergency Vehicle Kit Checklist (PDF) today and be ready for anything!

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